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Membership Benefits

To provide value-added investment to your marketing program

  • Business contacts and referrals both in Thailand and Europe
  • Free/Discounted publicity in TEBA’s publications distributed in all regions
  • Advertisement in trade shows and exhibitions
  • Business and social events
  • Guest speaking and sponsoring opportunities

To provide networking and matching opportunities for our members

  • European Chambers worldwide, EBO network partners
  • Local Thai and European companies
  • Local Thai and European authorities

To provide consultation and relevant research/information to members

  • European Union’s EEN
  • Liaison Office, European Asia Cooperation Agency (EACA)
  • Newsletters, Magazines and websites
  • Seminars, workshops, forums, training and business meetings e.g. luncheons

To speak on behalf of our members

  • Direct access to European Commission’s decision makers
  • Advocate on behalf of the membership involving Government institutions
  • Voice for legislation

To provide opportunity to members for involvement in various market sectors

  • Opportunity to serve on platforms and work groups
  • Ability to provide direction to your business sector’s future
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